Free Bat Make Up and edging Service When Purchasing a blade and 2 rubbers

AUSTRALIA: Most orders placed with Just Table Tennis will be packed and dispatched via Aust Post. You can track most shipments via this link.

INTERNATIONAL: orders for countries outside Australia will be packed and sent via DHL Paket Plus. You can track most shipments via this link.

Europe, Asia, UK and USA

New Zealand:

AUSTRALIA: GST inc at checkout.

INTERNATIONAL: Due to the complexity of taxes around the world, in most cases it is up to the person ordering goods to check if any taxes and or fees will be payable by you at the destination country.

United Kingdom: we cannot ship to the UK Due to the new Government regulations that require us to be registered for VAT.

EuroZone: Due to the New Government regulations introduced on the 1st of July we cannot ship without charging the relevant VAT and an additional fees that are outside our control.

FAQ in relation to Eurozone

1. What do I need to do from 01 July to ensure I comply with the new EU VAT changes?
Two options:
     1. DDP – Collect VAT at Point of Sale and:
                a) Register with IOSS, appoint an EU intermediary and submit your IOSS VAT number on
                    the shipping manifest data; or
                b) Appoint DHL eCommerce Solutions to pay VAT on your behalf, no IOSS number or EU
                    intermediary is required
     2. DDU – Opt for the consignee to pay VAT and applicable fees
Note you will need to make the consignee aware of additional charges that they must pay at time of import. An average admin fee of EUR8 will be charged by the local postal provider, plus  VAT on the purchased item.
2. Is there eligibility criteria for non-EU sellers, such as a sales threshold?
No, all non-EU sellers regardless of their sales volume must comply with this legislation.