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Not Just your average pingpong table, we have designed this table to be easy to assemble, sturdy and a high standard of manufacture. We have now made the Same table that is used in some table tennis clubs around Melbourne, but with an 6mm Aluminum composite top. The Radak Outdoor Roller has a 6mm Sandwich Top that uses Aluminum on the top and bottom surface. No Screws to poke through, can be left under the Veranda, rain and dew will not affect it. The Radak Outdoor Roller VII has a good bounce for an outdoor table, yet priced within the budget of most families.  The table takes around 30 minutes to assemble.

Painted 6mm Composite Aluminum Sandwich

The undercarriage is extremely strong, and these tables are ideal for heavy duty use such as schools, clubs etc. as well as being a wonderful addition to any home. The 6mm Composite Aluminum Sandwich Panel surface provides a perfectly even bounce all over the table.

  • Compact 2 Piece Design
  • 6mm Blue Playing Surface
  • Metal Frame 40 x 20mm
  • Metallic Legs 40mm x 40mm
  • 8 x 100mm braked wheels

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Weight99.99 kg
Dimensions145 × 160 × 20 cm




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