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The new 40+ball seamless or not produces less spin and shorter curves. For a player to overwhelm his adversary, he must be more aggressive and play with authority. Reactor’s Ckylin Pro rubber has been upgraded from its original popular version and added more life into its sponge. Shots played with little or medium power are smoother. When hit with more power, shots will have tremendous amount of spin and longer curves. The Ckylin Pro Soft provides one’s backhand with more initiatives and there is no blind spot in launching an attack. The Ckylin Pro Hard gives one’s mid range rallies more authority and the continuity will be of better quality. It is suggested to play with either a blade of fiber and carbon or hard plywood.

Available: Maximum (2.1mm)

Blue Cake Sponge

Speed: 13
Spin: 10
Control: 11.5

Additional information

Weight.15 kg
Dimensions18 × 18 × .5 cm
Sponge Thickness





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