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Model For those that want the ultimate in Control

• High control for the developing player
• Moderate reaction for easy offensive play
• 5+2 ply wood.Carbon (Hinoki) construction,
Radak Manufacturing uses a photosensitive resin coating, that is cured by a specific wavelength of light irradiation, the resin molecules penetrate the timber as a whole and significantly enhance its surface .

Class: OFF-
Style: Offensive minus
Plies: 5+2 Hinoki Wood
Thickness: 6.2mm
Designed in Australia
Head Size: 160x151mm
Flared Handle Size: 97x24mm
Weight: 81g +/- 3g Reaction: 115 Vibration: 91



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Weight.3 kg
Dimensions30 × 20 × 5 cm


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