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This is the new and improved version of the standard 388D, New technology has significantly improved both the spin and speed of the rubber, plus marginal improvement in control. Very little information is available for this rubber, although from the physical characteristics it is likely to be highly deceptive because of the grippy and flexible pimples.

This rubber Helps cushioning the attacking speed, and is suitable for defense by deception and drifting trajectories. When hitting the ball, it has a tendency to dip/drop downwards. Effective and suitable for defense by loop driving.

Compare with 388D

388D-1 has rough pattern on every pimples’ head, little bit better for attacking

388D has smooth pattern on every pimples’ head, little bit better for defence


Long skinny Pips out rubber
Strange Effect on Ball
Can generate attack
Can be VERY Deceptive
Can throw Knuckle ball effect

Available in Red or Black Ox, or with 0.6mm or 1.0mm Sponge.

Speed6.5 / 10
Spin7.5 / 10
Control8.5 / 10
TypeLong pips

Additional information

Weight0.1 kg
Dimensions18 × 18 × .5 cm
Sponge Thickness





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