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TigerS Unlimited 47 Degree  ULTIMATE SPEED & SPIN”

A fairly fast rubber. Not as fast as something like Tibhar MX-P, but definitely not slow.

Overall these rubbers are geared a little more toward easy topspin than their regular counterparts.

TigerS Unlimited is slightly less tacky so it can get more spin from the sponge and the topsheet is a little more supple.

The rubber is very controllable; it is great for blocking. The tack really helps the ball not shoot off the springy sponge on touch shots. The rubber is a pretty standard weight. It’s certainly not light though. The sponge is 47 degrees, but I find that it plays softly. The throw angle is fairly high; I’d say higher than most other Air rubbers. It’s great for BH blocking due to the high throw angle.

These New Generation Rubbers from Air are the Best Ive seen to date. Tacky, but still quite fast. Faster Than Hurricane 3

SPEED: 18.5/20

CONTROL: 19.5/20

SPIN: 117.2/20

TYPE: INVERTED, for fast hard play.

Available in Red, Black, Blue, Violet  2.1

Hardness: 47 degree

Additional information

Weight0.15 kg
Dimensions18 × 18 × .15 cm
Sponge Thickness

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