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ONE SHEET of RITC Friendship 802 Short Pips-Out Table
Tennis/Ping Pong Rubber without Sponge. Available in Black or Red.

  • Short Pips out rubber lashing fast attack
  • Quick speed
  • Great hitting rubber
  • Produces some spin
  • Suitable for attacking players
  • ITTF/USATT/CTTA approved

802 is a classic Chinese hitting rubber, that
is also capable of topspin and spin variations. To achieve topspin 2.0mm sponge
works best, for just hitting, and blocking, 1.5 is fine and gives a little
better control.802 is one of
the few short pips that can scrub the spin off of incoming shots yet produce
significant spin of it’s own.**Used by the
amazing Chinese champion Ding Song, for a devastating spin variation game, many
of the top European pros fell victim to his mastery of this rubber.

  • 802 Short Pips Ox

    without Sponge

    Speed Spin Control
    9+++ 7 9 0

    rubber without Sponge


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    Weight .15 kg
    Dimensions 18 × 18 × .5 cm
    Sponge Thickness



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