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Yinhe or Galaxy as most people know them have been making quality blades for a long time.

Even though this blade is very inexpensive, don’t be fooled, it has excellent balance is finished to the highest standards

It has 2 Kevlar/Carbon Layers & 3 wood layers.

It feels more like a blade double the price.
It is rated by the Manufacturer as an Offensive plus

– Fitted play: medium fast attack, loop
– Milky Way blade made by blade-maker expert, Mr Han GuoHua
– Combining the best characteristics of famous European and Asian blades
– MILKYWAY blade is strictly treated with high temperature and hi-tech





3 + 2

87 +- 3g grams

Solid Handle available Straight Only

**** Thickness 6.0 -0.2mm ****



Additional information

Weight.3 kg
Dimensions30 × 20 × 5 cm

2 reviews for YinHe K-3 C.A.R.B.O.K.E.V. Offensive

  1. John Smith

    This is one superb blade. The handle is of a nice thickness and just feels good in your hand. The feel and control of the blade is one of the best I have come across out of many, many I have tried. You’d have to pay a lot more to get the same quality and play from another brand. Whilst the blade is not lightening fast it has adequate speed to play a tough attacking game. The dwell time of the blade is very good and allows nice loops to be performed. Highly recommend this blade.

  2. Collin Madin

    This blade is the is the best I have ever hit with! I\’ve been using a Butterfly Michael Maze for the last few years, and been suffering from a huge lack of control. The K-3 solves that problem and gives so much more, massive control like I\’ve never felt from any racket ever. Blocking, looping, flat drives, this racket is perfect for it all. The extra weight it has over the Maze is brilliant and let\’s you hit through the ball so sweetly. For some reason the blade feel\’s like it\’s the size of a tennis racket head when you strike the ball, like you could never miss (were that only true) so massive sweet spot. Do not be fooled by the speed rating, at low speed you can do all the touch control stuff like a slower blade can only do (I can now block back stuff I\’ve never been able to before) but when you unload, the carbon aspect of the blade and it\’s weight gives you BIG speed. This blade is exactly what people mean when they talk about a racket having \”gears\”. High and low it\’s awesome. The Maze on the other hand has 2 speeds, flat out and packed away in your bag. The handle is thick and feels a bit different on first touch but you will accept that feeling as soon as you hit the first ball with it and never look back. If your looking for power and control, look no further, best money you will ever spend!

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