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Structure: 5 Wood Ply + 2 Composite (Zephylium & X-Carbon)

Character: OFF ~ OFF-

Grips Available: FL, ST

Origin: Made in Korea

What is special?

Zephylium & X-Carbon

Different from typical Zylon, as Zylon is 3k in thickness while Zephylium is 1k Different from typical Carbon, as many uses 6k and 3k in thickness while X-Carbon is 1k.

Composition that we use is about 2~4 times more expensive than typical composition. We have used these compositions to lower the weight and also to increase the feeling of the blade.

If the carbon or zylon are too thick or heavy, it will interfere with the feeling of the blade. But therefore we use only 1k (despite the price) in order to bring the best of the composite blade (Currently only blades that uses these compositions are Hayabusa, BT Super Zhang Jike, and Vega)

Jointless Wood

Usually, when many manufacturing companies produce blades, they use two veneer and joint them together to make one piece of veneer. For example, Rosewood wood is very difficult to find one single piece wood for the blade. Therefore many companies uses two veneer to join them into one to make it one piece for the surface veneer.

Also if you open up the blades and look at each veneer, you can see that most of them are jointed. But if you look at our blade, all our layer of veneer are jointless woods.

What is so good about jointless woods? Think about wearing a shoe that is cut in half and glued back together. How would this feel ? This applies same as the blades, if you use jointless wood, it will increase the performance and stability of the blade.

Why doesn’t other manufacturing companies use jointless wood. Because it is expensive and hard to get. Usually in order to make jointless blade, it will require 100~300year old wood to be used. But as you know the thicker and older
the wood it is the more expensive it is. (Because the wood is old, the wood grain on the surface might feel bit more rough than other blades. This is same as people, If we get older we get more winkles, same applies for the wood, the wood is older and the winkles are something we cannot get rid of)


Natural Glue is used to make this blade in order to maximize control and catching of the ball while impact.

Most of the blades are produced by using epoxy glue, in order to increase production. Epoxy glue dries up much faster than any other glue, and it is well used for mass production. (Usually uses hot press to increase productivity)

However, the epoxy glue forms a thin layer of glue while drying up between the veneer that blocks the smooth feeling of the blade and also increases hardness of blade. This is not good for the professional players which requires better
control and catch.

Natural Glue is highly not the favourable way for the most of manufacturing company due to fact that it needs long time to dry up. However, we have separate drying storage made for only Vega series which helps to dry naturally.

And when it is dried up naturally, the glue will eventually evaporate and absorbed into the wood, leaving absolutely no layer of any glue between the veneer.

THIL & Made in Korea

THIL is our quality control.  Wood is breathing thing that changes easily according to the surrounding environment.

Therefore Temperature, Humidity, Insect, and Light are very important to the wood management. Our factory in Korea is THIL controlled factory to make sure that at point of production the wood is at their best shape.

Made in Korea. In order to make one blade, it must go through 20 different types of machines. 20?? Yes! about twice or three times more machines that is required to make a blade. We use 20 different machine in order to make sure the quality of the blade are all same at all time.


The blade comes with the T-foil attached, in order to reuse them for maintenance of rubber and blade.




Additional information

Weight.3 kg
Dimensions30 × 20 × 5 cm



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