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XIOM 5.5S Prostart Kit is the perfect start to your table tennis career, It includes everything required to walk in to a match. Top quality rubbers, a good 5ply blade, a bat cover, some training balls and some protection sheets for your rubber.

The 5.5S has a very soft touch and is capable of dragging the ball long.
Not only is it capable of powerful drive attacks, but it also has a high sense of stability,
The advantage is that the blocks can be very sophisticated

XIOM Musa II Rubber

PHYSI ELASTO – A new weapon with ultra-strong control
Innovative controls that increase the attack success rate. This is reflected in the energetic spin and speed of the MUSA II rubber, which is armed with a newly rearranged and produced topsheet.

Service and service returns, and surprisingly high accuracy in the rally after the first attack, and the backhand attack is also much more comfortable, allowing for magical control

XIOM Neoprene Racket Case

Using neoprene fabric, it is excellent in elasticity. It is a special case of racket that covers and protects the entire racket.

XIOM Y-BOL Ball Case

Y-BOL is a futuristic silicon material table tennis ball case that goes beyond the design of a conventional ball case.
It is made of soft and very tough silicone material, so it is very easy to insert and remove balls, and you can hold three ping pong balls.

XIOM MUV three-star table tennis ball

MUV with three seams is a table tennis ball for practice.

XIOM O-FOIL (O-foil)

Rubber film with effective protection and stylish production
(Random Design will be sent.)

Only available as Flared handle

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