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XIOM » Mercury Table Tennis POLO

These Xiom
Table Tennis tops are 100% microfibre, They are so good that I
now wear them myself. I was astounded by the stitching quality,
that I decided to stock them in Various sizes & colours. They
have an inbuilt micro bacterial destroying agent incorporating 
the all New ATB-100 Material (see Below)
Made in KOREA not CHINA



ATB-100 gives you
full satisfaction through the synergy of
its rapid absorption/evaporation and
anti-bacterial function. Enjoy a state
of the art fiber with freshness and

The excellent
anti-bacterial function of ATB-100 comes
from the silver element it contains.

Unlike chemical
treated products, ATB-100, the silver
used in, remains after washing enhancing
the anti-bacterial longevity of the

ATB-100 uses only
quality, FDA approved silver, which
gives you the extra peace of mind.

ATB-100 prevents
odor by suppressing the growth and
increases of bacteria.



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