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Easy Speed, VOC FREE

Easy Speed 100ml

Easy Speed

increases the speed and spin performance of your rubber


Easy Speed
is not a
glue. It’s a substance that boosts your rubber to increase
speed, spin and sound.

Easy Speed
with a new
rubber (not pre-treated or glued). Keep the rubber in its
original square shape.

After treatment

Easy Speed

you attach the
rubber to the blade with a water based glue, for example

Andro Free Glue

(in accordance with ITTF regulations). 

  1. Apply a
    layer of

    Easy Speed
    to the sponge side of the rubber. Use the included
    applicator and
     apply evenly all over the surface. 

  2. Allow to
    dry for around 5 –10 minutes, depending on the thickness of the
    layer of

    Easy Speed
    applied and
    the room temperature. 

  3. Repeat
    steps 1 and 2 between 3 – 5 times, depending how large an effect
    you are looking for. 

  4. The
    rubber now starts to curl up, and has to “rest”. After around 48
    hours the rubber is flat again. 

  5. Now you
    can attach the rubber to the blade. Use

    Andro Free Glue
    and dry allow it to dry thoroughly. 

  6. The
    speed and spin effect will last between 2 & 3 weeks, after which
    it will gradually disappear. 

  7. When the
    effect has gone you can repeat the treatment, and again get the
    improved speed and spin effect. 

Now you only have
to apply 2 – 3 layers of

Easy Speed


It is important
not to hurry, each layer must dry thoroughly. The rubber should
be completely dry before you apply the next layer.



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