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With a powerful top
sheet and multi stage sponge Golden Star Attack is the ideal rubber for players
who wish to attack with power. Plays great close or away from the table, the
Attack has a firm upper sponge strata with a lower soft strata, making for
maximum speed quickly.


  • Adopt and combine by new developed patented sponge and Golden Star top
  • Patented technology and characteristic: Single layer of sponge use with
    two or more different formulas which enhance the top and bottom of the
    sponge with different characteristics, hardness and elasticity.
  • The patented technology combines the softness, hardness and elasticity
    characteristics into one sponge, it make the sponge have gradated feeling.
    Outstanding attack, maximum grip, and good control with a short push. Attack
    with excellent gradated effect, give full play to explosive power. The
    sponge is highly reactive for maximum control while maintaining aggressive
  • Golden star rubber “Fast Attack” version on its upper part of the sponge
    is hard and lower part is soft. It is specifically design for aggressive
  • The birth of Golden star rubber (with patented sponge) is the
    breakthrough of development and production of sponge. It enables a deeper
    and wider thinking of table tennis rubber and sponge. Providing the
    professional player with a superior alternative to standard rubber with


GOLDEN STAR – Fast Attack

Slight Tack –
Aggressive Attack

Speed Control Spin
11 10 10
Only Available in Red or BLACK 2.1mm

Additional information

Weight 0.15 kg
Dimensions 18 × 18 × .5 cm
Sponge Thickness



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