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For some time, the Chen Weixing Defensive blade has been one of the most popular defensive blades. Working with the world class defensive player from Austria, we have now developed another blade designed for extremely defensive players. The CHEN WEIXING DEFENDER is an oversize blade with considerably more control. The Enzo glue layer between two Samba veneers provides great control and tremendous feel of the ball.

Extra high control

Weight: 87g
Ply: 7 Samba yellow, Samba, Enzo, Samba
Speed: 55
Control: 104



Additional information

Weight .3 kg

1 review for Joola Chen Defender

  1. Mike O’Grady

    Used this blade with upupup uq soft long pips on bh and Tuttle winter 3e on fh on Mon,having just got the setup the previous Wed,at an Anzac day graded event,only had one practice session,and won the most games I have ever won in any event! The opposition was as strong in my grade as it has been on previous occasions.All components worked perfectly together as a defensive weapon.The Air long pips are versatile, controlable and a pleasure to play with.The winter in 1.8 was a shot in the dark as there is little information I could access about this medium pips,but what a stroke of luck getting it was! This is a defenders dream,there is enough spin to serve well with brushing but frictionless enough to make returning serves a breeze.

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