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The high capacity rubber for all all-round strategists Mega Flex control gives you a super ball feeling due to long ball contact. It absorbs the opposing spin and develops own spin with controlled power. Besides this you have the best security in all situations during the game. Mega Flex control is developed especially for controlled, modern all-around player. With a thicker sponge (1.6/1.8 mm) it is suitable for a controlled offensive strategy (especially for blocking, counter attack and final shots, with a thinner sponge (1.3 mm) for controlled playing strategy (driving and disordering). You can operate tactically wise with this rubber with out having to renouncing the security for basic strokes. Due to the high controlling data the own faults quota is drastically subsiding. A rubber, which never leaves you in the lurch in any situation.

Made in Germany.

Please note that these rubber have been purchased in Bulk with any packaging, to bring the price down.
These will be packaged in an assortment of what we have left over from orders.

Hardness: Medium
Charateristics: AR+



Additional information

Weight0.12 kg
Dimensions18 × 18 × .5 cm
Sponge Thickness



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