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This GEWO blade provides any attacker with everything they need to win a quick point. Thanks to the special Fineline design, the blade provides for exceptional directional stability, especially in high-speed strokes. Feel the dynamic attacking power in all strokes. Thanks to the Fineline design, the GEWO Velox alpha speedster guarantees a high bounce which is a prerequisite for fast and effective topspin strokes. The vibration-absorbing handle provides for the control and precision you need in your play. These features provide for straight-to-the-point feedback when the bat hits the ball, so that the player can produce optimum strokes. You will be able to play powerful high-speed topspins and smashes at minimum power input.

Speed 94

Control 80

Weight 80g

Rating Offensive

Construction 5ply

Additional information

Weight .3 kg
Dimensions 18 × 5 cm



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