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New Technology QIJI Table Tennis Rubber.

OSMOSE INVERSE–Rubber Black Technology.

Because of sunlight, air, moisture and other oxidation factors, traditional rubber is easy to loss its stickiness. Under the “Osmose Inverse” technique, new type of molecular viscosity is very stable. Same time, new manufacturing technique makes it possible for molecules to be stored in rubber inside the surface, new stickiness molecule will release and supply by itself, and ensure persistent sticky of rubber surface.

This Rubber is designed to replace rubbers such as Hurricane 3 Neo, which was designed before the slower, less spinny 40+ ball was introduced.

2 versions of QIJI are available “Power” or “Spin”.

Features: OSMOSE INVERSE TECH, excellent stickiness
Thickness: : 2.15mm
Hardness: : 37-39 (Medium/Soft, Strong Friction) Speed: 10
Thrust: : 12
Spin: : 12
Control: 11
Suitable for: Professional player fast offensive


Double Fish

Additional information

Weight0.15 kg
Dimensions18 × 18 × .5 cm
Sponge Thickness



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