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Donic Logo Small


We have developed a 25 mm high- quality top, which provides better contact
between ball and table. Both table halves have a separate stable automatic
undercarriage. Minimum storage dimensions because of a special folding
mechanism. All players – including Jörgen Persson, who gave the table its name –
are really enthusiastic about the playing characteristics, technical standard
and look of this table.
Comfortable handling
long-lasting construction
25 mm top
Space saving
Measurements: 1600 x 1620 x 630 mm
Frame: 50 x 20 mm
Legs: 60 x 40 mm
Metal parts epoxy lacquered. 
Weight: about 120 kgs

  • Waldner Classic



Donic Logo Small

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Weight99.99 kg
Dimensions145 × 160 × 20 cm


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