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Powerful NEO sponge and Hurricane 3 rubber with special glutinosity could create stable and high-speed arc, improve the scoring ability of players. Neo Hurricane 3 has a high speed and low fast loop, changeful arc, stronger spin.

This is the most sought after factory tuned version of the popular Hurricane 3. These rubbers are a little lighter, more consistent and higher quality, the sponge softer and much more dynamic, giving a big boost in speed with plenty of spin.


SPIN: 10




Additional information

Weight 0.15 kg
Dimensions 18 × 18 × .5 cm
Sponge Thickness

1 review for DHS Hurricane 3 (NEO) – factory tuned! (legal)

  1. David Brown

    Briefly tried out the H3 Neo a week ago. I matched it on a T1 carbon off+ blade with an old H3 sheet on the other side. There was not a lot of difference between the rubbers. Personally I felt a slight preference for using H2 Neo which feels slightly faster and spinnier but on a different blade (T2).

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