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DHS 3 Star D40+ Table Tennis Balls Cell-Free Dual Seam Ball (Pack of 10) White
Total of 10pcs new DHS 3 star D40+ Cell-Free Dual Seam Balls.
DHS D40+ 3 Stars table tennis balls made of new plastic material.
The D40+ 3* plastic seam balls is created from a new type of plastic which provides a good bounce trajectory.
Thanks to the new material used, the ball has enhanced durability.
This ball is ITTF approved, and is used in most international ITTF competitions.
Since 1959, DHS T.T Ball has been official ball of world-class games which is widely welcomed over the world.
From 38mm to 50mm, celluloid to various kinds of new material, DHS always takes the lead in the forefront of T.T ball innovation.
CELL-FREE and CELL FREE DUAL are 40+ plastic balls developed by DHS.
Keeping the continuity of celluloid balls’ characteristics on hitting sense, drop point, sound rotation and trajectory
CELL-FREE-DUAL ball adopts new material formula and craftsmanship different from CELL-FREE ball, to have more accurate sphericity and better elasticity.
Color: white
10 balls / box



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