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The blade is designed in JAPAN.

This is a FAST (OFF) attack style blade, but with a soft feel, providing a perfect combination of speed and control.

This is a High-Tech 5-ply blade (2carbon, 3 wood). It implements the new IB TECH technology, which improves speed, balance, control and provides better touch. The high grade carbon layers provide a huge sweetspot. The Carbon dampens the excess vibrations caused by impact, and provides a much softer feel to the blade. This blade offer huge power at all distances, and is outstanding for looping, power drives, smashes and blocking, but has soft enough feel for some touch shots. It also implements a new energy conservation technology, returning all the speed of the ball back to your opponent.

149 mm blade design


Speed Control Plies Weight



3 + 2

85 grams

Hollow Handle,
available Concave & Straight

are Genuine Dawei Blades ****

Additional information

Weight.3 kg
Dimensions30 × 18 × 5 cm


1 review for DAWEI GTS Blade, (OFF) Power Carbon!

  1. Darren Rapacchi

    I used my blade for the 1st time last night for a 3 hour training session. I have Palio WP1013 medium pips out black 1.5mm BH and Palio HK 1997 36-38 degrees red FH.
    Great control, was able to push, block, punch block, chop and hit anywhere on the table, FH drives where good. Looping gave me good spin rotation and a desent amount of spin with good control.
    I was able to move the ball anywhere on the table with good FH strokes from topspins to return of serve close in chops.
    I also own 2 GTO blades and this pairs up very much the same in the speed / control stakes.
    I like to loop on my FH & BH if playing with reverse rubbers on both sides, but I am experimenting with medium pips to see if it improves my close to the table game as I prefer to play mid distance.
    Overall a very good blade.

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