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A new high tech rubber from Dawei featuring a High Tension rubber and Tension
sponge. It has great elasticity and is easy to control. Loops can be done with
little effort, great spin and fantastic speed. It has a low loop arc and is
great for hitting against spin or loop-kill

Sponge Hardness 40-44 Degrees

Sprungfeder G3-A

Speed Control Spin
8.6 6.6 6.8

Conventional Rubber, available Red & Black.
Max & 2.0mm.
are Genuine Dawei Rubbers ****

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Weight0.12 kg
Dimensions18 × 18 × .15 cm
Sponge Thickness

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1 review for Dawei G3 SprungFeder A

  1. Goran Brlek

    Here is my rewiew for Sprungfeder A2 sponge hardnes 45,
    and maximum thicknes 2.3,and hardnes 40 thicknes 2.2 glued with Dawei speed glue.
    G3 A2 with 45 hardnes and max thicknes is as fast as tango extrem when speed glued maybe even faster.
    Wery easy to loop,top spin,smash close to table and from distance plus with exelent control for ball.an great for forhend.
    Wich G3 A2 with 40 hardnes and 2.2 thick is wery slow dou you realy have to put a lots of efort to get some speed out of it.
    I defenetly recomend Sprungfeder G3 A2with hardnes of sponge 45 degre and max 2.3 thicknes it is superb ruber
    fantastic speed,spin is exelent on every shot you make on service, pushes,smashes loops,topspins just on all shots and all that with maximum control fantastic rubber.

    I as well try G3 A4 45 degre sponge hardnes max 2.3 thicknes this one is same as A2 45 hardnes just a touch slower which it makes perfect for backhand wich i put those two rubbers on Stigas Cliper CR makes an fantastic bat al togheter beter combination than I had with Tango extrem rubbers.

    By the way an exelent service Robert.


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