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The SuperCore CELL OFF+ is a very fast offensive blade, yet it is easy to play with. It requires the player’s full commitment to
completely activate the blade’s speed resources. The CELL OFF+ provides very good elasticity and control with clearly more power in every ball. The strengthened fibres of the 7-layered veneer construction releases energy
more efficiently. Also balls that are not hit in the centre will be equipped with sufficient power due to the bigger sweetspot – recommended for a very offensive playing system.


949397Approx 85g
Foam Chamber in Handle : Available in Straight, Concave, Anatomic & Chinese Pen

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Weight.3 kg
Dimensions30 × 20 × 5 cm

2 reviews for andro SuperCore Cell OFF+

  1. Graeme Edwards

    This has become my blade of choice recently after finding that it has both extreme speed combined with very good control. I used to use the Stiga Optimum Sync, but I find that this offers me the same speed and hitting power along with a greater level of control, especially against players who use a lot of spin. It has improved my game by roughly 10% since changing to this blade. You can put the fastest rubbers you can find on this blade and still get very good control.
    For the price, it is defnitely the best offensive+ blade around.

  2. Ming Cheung

    The blade was reliable and it felt good. the vibration was just right and the speed was prefect.

    It is light a fast



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