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Speed Control Spin Hardness
8 / 10 9.5 / 10 9 / 10 35 Degree

Normally available Red &
1.8mm & 2.0mm

Illumina is the new generation of rubbers that imitate
the feel of Speed glued. These rubbers Manufactured in Germany &
Assembled in China, are a New Breed not seen before. The top sheet
is soft and pliable, the sponge is also soft and springy. Spin is
very easily generated due to the new Nanos Technology.

Air Prefers not to use synthetic tuning or boosting, instead the red Fire
Energy is based on the special production process of base material and
thereafter adapted to sponge types and optimised topsheets by special
bonding. RFE37 represents new technology: this evolution directs the
production of high performance coatings in new directions. The latest
generation mediates better touch and makes the placement of your strokes
simple, and the sound during impact with the fine feeling upon the excellant
rebound effect maintains the advantage of ball control.

Air uses the Following Technologies to Manufacture
there rubbers so they EXCEL.

“The BIOS GREEN” rubbers are high-performance rubbers
with a built-in speed glue effect. “the BIOS GREEN” doesn’t
need to use banned solvents to perform. We use only
eco-friendly materials. We supply green table tennis.

Regarding the rubber and sponge, the main materials are
natural rubber, and the remainder are chemical materials.
When we started to develop “the BIOS GREEN” rubbers and
sponges, our goal was to increase performance with a
speed-glue effect and protect the environment and people’s
health from harmful VOC’s.

At first, we wanted to create a new glue to replace speed
glue but we gave up. The main reason was because it’s too
complicated to use for every-day training, even if the
effect is better than speed glue. From the first product we
spent about 25 months. By chance, we found a breakthrough,
discovering a new technology to replace speed glue.

The old rubbers without BIOS GREEN technology relied on
speed glue for effect. When the speed glue ban came into
effect on September 1, 2008, some rubbers needed to use some
oil to keep the speed-glue effect, like paraffin oil. BIOS
GREEN rubbers maintain the effect much longer than tuned and
speed-glued rubbers. With traditional rubbers, when you stop
gluing, the effect disappears, and the must you glue it, the
quicker the rubber deteriorates. Also, those substances can
be harmful to your health.

The BIOS GREEN effect doesn’t last forever, but it
maintains its effects much longer than speed glue and oils.

The BIOS GREEN rubbers have the click sound that
speed-gluers love.

Nanos Technology

We have reached a new milestone with “;Nanos” technology.

The main goal is to be softer, lighter, more powerful,
have more control, sound, and more rebound elasticity.

We refuse to
process the rubber products. We are
researching new ways to improve. We use natural rubber and
chemical powders. In an effort to be more “green”, we are
using more natural rubber and less chemical powders. We’re
also making these rubbers lighter than the previous
generation. More natural rubber means you’ll get a softer
feeling and good control but also an increase in power by

The “Nanos” effect increases both speed and spin

The rubbers incorporating “Nanos” technology not only
have speed-glue effect, but also make the clicking sound
that speed-glue users love. The volume of the clicking is
dependent on the magnitude of speed-glue effect and the
softness of the sponge.

The “Nanos” technology offers a louder click. When a
player hits the ball, they can tell whether the ball is
hitting the sweet spot by listening to the click. The sound
and the player are like a teacher and student. The louder
the sound, the better. That’s how you can judge your strokes
and keep on improving by changing the racket angle and
location of contact. Other rubbers that have a less
prominent sound don’t give the feedback needed for you to
judge your shots.


We can glue your rubbers and blade and put an edge tape
around your bat free of charge…

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Weight 0.15 kg
Dimensions 18 × 18 × .15 cm
Sponge Thickness

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